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Content Cash Machine Podcast

Nov 15, 2022

How to Go From Hobby Account to Business on Instagram with Carly Hill

Ready to go from a hobby account to a business on Instagram? Join Danielle this week as she welcomes Carly Hill to dive into how you can make money and grow your business on Instagram. You will hear Carly’s 4 step approach to planning for finances by gathering a clear picture, building an accurate budget, planning well into the future, and acting on the plan by tracking and adjusting as needed.

Carly is a mom of 4 who took her personal love for numbers and budgeting, combined it with her training as a teacher, and started an online space to teach women and families to manage their finances confidently. Debt Free Mom offers free content on Instagram as well as paid services for custom budgets and Pay Period Budget Academy - a course to learn how to make and use a budget by pay period. Budgeting feels overwhelming or even like a waste of time. We put wise money mindsets together with accurate budget methods to create a system that is accurate, enjoyable, and full of hope.

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